About Ortho


1. What is a specialist orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of problems associated with the alignment of the teeth and jaws. As specialists, orthodontists are required to complete an additional 3 years of full-time advanced training in orthodontics beyond their dental degree. Only specialist orthodontists have completed this additional 3 years of advanced study. Dr Kaplan completed her 3-year Master of Science Degree in Orthodontics at Saint Louis University in Missouri, USA.

2. At what age should I take my child to see an orthodontist?
3. What are the advantages of early orthodontic evaluation for children?
4. How can my child benefit from early orthodontic treatment?
5. How can I tell if my child needs orthodontic treatment?
6. Do adults seek orthodontic treatment?
7. Why should malocclusions be treated?
8. How long does it take to complete treatment?
9. What are the options for orthodontic treatment?
10. Is orthodontic treatment going to hurt?
11. Is orthodontic treatment costly?